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Our team comprises highly experienced professionals with a strong background in the telecommunications and related industries. We have individuals who possess practical expertise in designing, setting up, and managing networks and conducting cutting-edge research and development in IP technology.
Our team's collective knowledge and expertise enable us to provide viable and efficient solutions. Our competitive edge lies in the presence of technical experts who can deliver optimized and customized technology solutions alongside a pool of highly skilled personnel well-versed in our business's commercial and technical aspects.
While our team size remains compact, we emphasize thorough training to ensure our members perform to global standards. Through our internal training program, known as the Regular Improvement Program for Employees (RIPE), we are committed to maintaining sky-high operational standards.
In summary, our team comprises seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in telecommunications and IP technology. Their combined skill set allows us to offer practical solutions while our focus on training ensures that we adhere to the highest operational standards.