At Skytel, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to cater to the diverse needs of our valued customers. Our current service offerings include:

IP Data Bandwidth (Submarine Cable) for ISPs and MNOs:

We provide high-speed IP data bandwidth services through our reliable submarine cable systems. This enables Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to deliver fast and seamless Internet connectivity to their end-users.

IP Data Bandwidth (Submarine Cable) for Call Centers:

We specialize in offering IP data bandwidth services tailored explicitly for call centers. Our submarine cable systems ensure efficient and uninterrupted connectivity, facilitating smooth communication and data transfer for call center operations.

Routing of International Internet-Based Data Traffic:

As an International Internet Gateway (IIG) operator, we efficiently route international Internet-based data traffic. Our robust infrastructure and network capabilities enable us to manage efficiently and direct data traffic, ensuring optimal performance and connectivity.

Internet Connectivity for ISPs and MNOs:

We provide reliable internet connectivity solutions to ISPs and MNOs, connecting them to our network through our undersea submarine cable systems. This allows them to offer high-quality internet services to their customers, fostering seamless communication and data exchange.

At Skytel, we understand the importance of a connected world, and our services are built upon the globally recognized TCP/IP protocol suite. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional service and support the growth and success of our customers by providing them with reliable and efficient connectivity solutions.

Choose Skytel for your internet connectivity needs and experience the difference between seamless and high-performance services tailored to your specific requirements.


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